Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photo Links Fix

I realize that since yahoo photos has closed, the link to the photos do not work.
The new link now hosted at Flickr.

Here are our Hurricane Katrina pictures:

click on link: islandgirlA/alicia in Hawaii hurricane katrina pictures

or copy and past this in your web browse:

Warning: some photos can be disturbing

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our Pre Katrina House, 1324 Nursery Pl.

Well, here it all is. I've posted a link here to at least 2 albums, that we've made for public viewing. One is an album of our Pre Katrina House. The other is an album of some of the photos taken while the Coast Guard was on the outer areas on duty. We have thousands of photos on several discs that we could upload for viewing. They are not all up yet. Enter at your own risk.

John was back on scene in the city and along the Coast Guard station just 2 days after Katrina hit. He had to drive the truck up on the levee, under armed guard to get to the house and to get to the base. We called our landlord right away to let him know what hotel we were in and to say that John had secured the house and was up there at the station. We even went back to the house just 1 week after Katrina, to clean our soaked items out and prevent any additional damage. (other houses sat for months without any removal of anything!) John had to do this clean up inbetween his Coast Guard duty. We spent over 12 hours hauling all that we own out of this house; digging through indescribable mold and gunk: racing a 6pm curfew. As you can see, all we have left is one regular sized pick up bed of standing items and the smallest u-haul trailer filled with plastic rubbermaid tubs of things we could salvage.
Can you believe that our landlord refused to give us our deposit back, $900, because we "didn't leave the house in the same condition that it was in when we rented it". He "has pictures, you know!"
---Uh, DUH, did he miss the part about the biggest natural disaster to hit the US just went through?---

Yes, he seriously ripped us off by refusing to give us our deposit. Everyone we know not only got there deposits back, but they got a guaranteed lease back to the same apt. or house, with no rental increase as soon as the place is refurbished. Now, I ask you, how could we ever get this house back to the first stages when we first rented it 3 years ago? The landlord himself, is never going to get it back in any shape to live in. That mold is tenacious!